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Why Gold Filled Jewelry is Better than Gold Platted

One of the reasons I started this company is because I kept buying jewelry that would tarnish after 2-3 wears or turn my skin green. I wanted something that would hold up over time without costing a fortune. Thats when I learned about gold filled jewelry. 

Gold filled jewelry has a much thicker coat of gold on it making it last so much longer! The gold layer is actually 100x thicker than gold plated jewelry. This means your jewelry isn't going to tarnish. You can wear it swimming, in the shower, at the beach and it will still look brand new. I have had the same gold bracelet on since July (9 months now!) and it still looks amazing. All of our bracelets and necklaces are made using gold filled findings and beads to make sure they don't tarnish and turn your skin green. Click here to shop all of out gold filled bracelets 


Gold filled beaded bracelets for women and girls