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Why Gold Filled Jewelry is Better than Gold Platted

One of the reasons I started this company is because I kept buying jewelry that would tarnish after 2-3 wears or turn my skin green. I wanted something that would hold up over time without costing a fortune. Thats when I learned about gold filled jewelry.  Gold filled jewelry has a much thicker coat of gold on it making it last so much longer! The...

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Shop our Etsy Store

Did you know we are also on Etsy? Here's a link to our shop. Go check it out and let us know what you think.

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How to Clean Your Gold Filled Jewelry

We have had so many questions about cleaning bracelets and necklaces from our shop. I thought I would make a place to answer all of your questions.  Use mild soap and water. Bath time is actually a great time to clean your little girls gold filled jewelry. I usually run my fingers over my girls bracelets and that helps work out anything that might have...

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